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International Coach Certification
Testimonial: "I think our Leadership - Coaching session yesterday was amazing. I didn't expect to get a two-fold return on this session, coaching experience AND personal support.
I can not recall ever having anyone help me through tough situations and yesterday's interaction was truly something I have never even remotely come close to experiencing. Oh my goodness, I now have an even greater appreciation for the coaching profession. If I can, one day, have an impact on someone like you all had on me, WOW! what a gift." Pamela Nice Las Vegas, Nevada March 3, 2009.
ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH 60 -125 hours) are available to begin your coaching journey.  You can choose the number of hours you want to complete our Program. 
We will be with you on your journey to DREAM your new beginning, DISCOVER your potential, and finally REALIZE your coaching profession. Become an International Certified Coach with Dr. Carol A. Turner, ICF Master Certified Coach.
Please listen to the ICF Credentialing Webinar.
One of the features our
Leadership - Coaching Program 
is an ICI student web site for
use of our students and alumni.
This Student website includes the following:
Student Profiles
Course Schedule
Course Syllabus
Student Forum
This site is
interactive so that
we can all learn
from each other and
from other experts. 
I think you will find
it a great way to
The interactive
teleclasses include
12 hours of one-on-one coaching, with a Master Certified Coach including real-time feedback.
All courses and coaching
are recorded so that you
can learn from hearing the coaching sessions.  The course is designed with current literature reviews in  leadership coaching and team coaching.
I think you will find this interactive learning to be a great way to practice coaching and become an improved leader in your profession.
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