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Book of the Month

Encourage the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others


At the heart of leadership is caring. Without caring, leadership has no purpose. People need to know you care about them, about a cause, about what matters.

Leaders offer encouragement.

Encouragement contains the word Courage. The origin of courage is "heart." We all need encouragement. "Encouragement boosts performance, strengthens our resolve, and improves our health." We need the applause, the enthusiasm, and the energy from others to succeed in our life pursuits.

Leaders also need encouragement. Coaches offer that encouragement to leaders. Coaching from the heart is about caring.

Encouraging the Heart will be studied in the Leadership - Coaching Program beginning July 22, 2022.

We will be exploring what it means to really care. This includes the seven essentials of encouragement along with finding your voice. These concepts are fundamental to the heart of leadership and the heart of coaching.

For more information on this book, please see our Blog. We would like to hear your positive thoughts on this book. - Dr. Carol Turner


Twice as Much in Half the Time - Amy Jones, Author; Simple Truths, Publisher

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